Self-organized Neighbourhood Meeting on the Rent Crisis in North Neukölln

Next meeting:
Jul 14, 2024 12.00 am
Kiezladen – Sonnenallee 154,
12059 Berlin-Neukölln

Topic: current issues affecting living and renting in Neukölln and an initiative to exchange  experiences regarding:

  • Arbitrary rent increases
  • Affordable rentals into private ownership
  • Modernization
  • Luxury renovations

Objective: How can we react against being priced out of
the neighbourhood and how to solve related problems and
conflicts together.

Goal: To look for answers, plan effective course of action,
network and build solidarity.

Together we are stronger!

Who: Neighbours from Nordneukölln & surrounding areas
Where: Kiezladen – Sonnenallee 154 (Neukölln)
When: Jul 14, 2024 – 12.00 am