Your House community/initiative on

18. May 2016

Would you like to present your tenants’ association or initiative here?
Here’s how you can do so.

If you

  • have founded or are running a tenants’ association or an unaffiliated and non-profit initiative focused on issues such as tenant solidarity, tenants’ rights etc.
  • live and/or work in the catchment area for Kiezversammlung 44 (i.e. Nord-Neukölln and adjacent neighbourhoods)
  • and think it would be good for you and for others if your initiative had an internet presence

then please send

  • the name of your tenant’s association or initiative
  • a description (between 50 words and 400 words, please)
  • optionally, a short summary (2–3 sentences for the teaser)
  • optionally, a logo and/or one or two photos
  • optionally, contact data such as an email address (we will take action to protect against spam), the address of your website/blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.