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The Neukölln district authority must act NOW – Fantastic Foxhole Hostel effects the immediate termination of rent contracts for families with children

12. May 2017

The fight of people in the neighbourhood against the unapproved Fantastic Foxhole Hostel (run by Hagen Wittenborn) is now being attacked by the scrupulous and repressive tactics of property owner Alexander Skora. He, the owner and operator of two hostels in Berlin himself, presented five tenants resident at Weserstrasse 207 with immediate termination of their rent contracts in the early hours of Monday, 8 May 2017 – among them families with young children. All of the affected tenants are actively involved in the movement to prevent the neighbourhood from being sold out. mehr lesen

What is Kiezversammlung 44 all about?

10. July 2016

We want to change things! Our neighbourhood is being sold off. Our living space has become a highly attractive commodity.

But apartments are more than just tradable consumer goods, and neighbourhoods are more than mere groups of residential buildings. The neighbourhoods we live in are the places we are familiar with and where we converse with one another socially. Put briefly, our homes are the focal point in our lives from which we can live our lives in dignity.